Question# 1. A sensitive galvanometer produces large deflection for a
(a) large value of power
(b) large value of current
(c) small value of current
(d) large value of voitage
(e) none of the above
Answer: (c) small value of current

Question# 2. Mass, in force-voltage analogy, is analogous to
(a) charge
(b) current
(c) resistance
(d) inductance
Answer: (d) inductance

Question# 3. To measure radio frequency, the suitable frequency meter is
(a) hetrodyne frequency meter
(b) reed vibrator frequency meter
(c) Weston frequency meter
(d) electrical resonance frequency meter
Answer: (a) hetrodyne frequency meter

Question# 4. Which of the following can be measured by the use of a tacho-generator ?
(a) Acceleration
(b) Speed
(c) Speed and acceleration
(d) Displacement

Answer: (b) Speed

Question# 5. The power of a n-phase circuit can be measured by using a minimum of
(a) (n - 1) wattmeter elements
(b) n wattmeter elements
(c) (n + 1) wattmeter elements
(d) 2n wattmeter elements
Answer: (a) (n - 1) wattmeter elements

Question# 6. Velocity error constant of a system is measured when the input to the system is unit
_______ function.
(a) parabolic
(b) impulse

(c) ramp
(d) step
Answer: (c) ramp

Question# 7. A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from
(a) oscillations
(b) loss of gain
(c) vibrations
(d) saturation in amplifying stages
Answer: (d) saturation in amplifying stages

Question# 8. Commonly used instruments in power system measurement are
(a) moving coil or iron
(b) induction
(c) rectifier
(d) electrostatic
Answer: (b) induction

Question# 9. Volt box is a component to
(a) compare voltage in a box
(6) measure voltage
(c) extend voltage range
(d) none of the above
Answer: (c) extend voltage range

Question# 10. is a closed loop system.
(a) Electric switch
(6) Direct current generator
(c) Car starter
(d) Auto-pilot for an aircraft
Answer: (d) Auto-pilot for an aircraft

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