1. An isohyet is a line joining points of
(A) equal temperature
(B) equal humidity
(C) Equal evaporation
(D) equal rainfall depth

Answer: (D) equal rainfall depth

2. The creep strains are
(A) caused due to dead loads only
(B) caused due to live loads only
(C) caused due to cyclic loads only
(D) independent of loads

3. The latitude and departure of a line AB are +78 m and -45.1 m, respectively. The whole circle
bearing of the line AB is:
(A) 30°
(B) 55°
(C) 220°

(D) 330°

Answer: (A) 30°

4. Maximum possible value of Compacting Factor for fresh (green) concrete is:
(A) 0.5
(B) 1.0
(C) 1.5
(D) 2.0

Answer: (B) 1.0

5. The ratio Nf/Nd is known as shape factor, where Nf is the number of flow lines and Nd is the number of equi-potential drops. Flow net is always drawn with a constant b/a ratio, where b and a are distances between two consecutive flow lines and equi-potential lines, respectively. Assuming that b/a ratio remains the same, the shape factor of a flow net will change if the
(A) upstream and downstream heads are interchanged
(B) soil in the flow space is changed
(C) dimensions of the flow space are changed
(D) head difference causing the flow is changed

Answer: (B) soil in the flow space is changed

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