1. A constant-current source delivers a load current that
A) remains constant when the load resistance changes 
B) varies with load resistance
C) varies inversely with load resistance
D) varies inversely with input voltage

Answer: D) varies inversely with input voltage

2. The voltage gain of a basic instrumentation amplifier is set by a(n)
A) diode. 
B) capacitor
C) resistor 
D) inductor

Answer:C) resistor 

3. What is (are) the level(s) of the input voltage to a ladder-network conversion?
A) 0 
B) Vref
C) 0 V or Vref 
D) None of the above

Answer:A) 0 

4. Circuits that shift the dc level of a signal are called
A) limiters 
B) clampers

C) peak detectors
D) dc converters

Answer:C) peak detectors

5. In an open-loop op-amp circuit, whenever the inverting input (–) is negative relative to the noninverting input (+), the output will
A) swing negative 
B) close the loop
C) be balanced 
D) swing positive

Answer:A) swing negative 

6. A circuit whose output is proportional to the difference between the input signals is considered to be
which type of amplifier?
A) common-mode 
B) darlington
C) differential 
D) operational

Answer:C) differential 

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