1. The presence of excess alumina in the clay is reflected in the bricks as
 (1) Makes the bricks brittle and weak
 (2) Makes the bricks crack warp on drying
 (3) Changes the colour of the brick from red to yellow
 (4) Improves impermeability and durability of the brick
Answer: (1) Makes the bricks brittle and weak

2. The instrument attached to the wheel of a vehicle in order to measure the distance travelled, is
called as
 (1) Passometer
 (2) Pedometer
 (3) Odometer
 (4) Speedometer
Answer: (3) Odometer

3. The value of the stress induced in a body, when it is suddenly loaded, is ________ times the stress induced when the same load is applied gradually.
 (1) Equal to zero
 (2) One half

 (3) Twice
 (4) Six times
Answer: (3) Twice

4. When the cantilever beam is loaded at its free end, the maximum compressive stress shall
develop at
 (1) Bottom beam
 (2) Top beam
 (3) Top and bottom beam
 (4) Middle beam
Answer: (1) Bottom beam

5. A semi rigid material which forms an excellent impervious layer for damp proofing is termed as
 (1) Bitumen
 (2) Mastic Asphalt
 (3) Aluminal
 (4) Bituminous felt
Answer: (2) Mastic Asphalt

6. The cement chosen to build a concrete structure in the vicinity of sea water is
 (1) High alumina cement
 (2) Rapid hardening cement
 (3) Low heat cement
 (4) Sulphate resisting cement
Answer:(1) High alumina cement

7. A centrifugal pump will start delivering liquid only when the pressure rise in the impeller is
equal to the
 (1) Kinetic head
 (2) Velocity head
 (3) Static head
 (4) Monometric head
Answer: (4) Monometric head

8. Garret’s diagram gives the graphical method of designing a channel based on
 (1) Kennedy’s theory
 (2) Lacey’s theory
 (3) Gibbs theory
 (4) Khosla’s theory
Answer: (1) Kennedy’s theory

9. The precipitation caused by natural rising of warmer lighter air in colder and denser surrounding
is called
 (1) Cyclonic precipitation
 (2) Convective precipitation
 (3) Orographic precipitation
 (4) None of these

Answer: (2) Convective precipitation

10. As per Indian standards the water consumption per capita per day for domestic purpose is
 (1) 85 Liters
 (2) 135 Liters
 (3) 175 Liters
 (4) 273 Liters
Answer: (2) 135 Liters

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