3506. The electric field intensity at a point situated 4 metres from a point charge is 200 N/C. If
the distance is reduced to 2 metres, the field intensity will be
(a) 400 N/C
(b) 600 N/C
(c) 800 N/C
(d) 1100 N/C
Answer: (c) 800 N/C

3507. A 500 turns solenoid develops an average induced voltage of 60 V. Over what time
interval must a flux change of 0.06 Wb occur to produce such a voltage ?
(a) 0.5 s
(b) 0.1 s
(c) 0.01 s
(d) 55 s
Answer: (a) 0.5 s

3508. Which ofthe following materials is used in the manufacture of resistance grids to be
used in the starters of large motors ?
(a) Copper
(b) Cast-iron

(c) Steel
(d) Aluminium
Answer: (b) Cast-iron

3509. The ability of charged bodies to exert force on 6ne another is attributed to the existence
(a) electric field
(b) protons
(c) neutrons
(d) electrons
Answer: (a) electric field

3510. Lenz's law is a consequence of the law of conservation of
(a) induced current
(b) charge
(c) induced e.m.f.
(d) energy
Answer: (d) energy

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