3511. The electric field at a point situated at a distance d from straight charged conductor is
(a) proportional to d
(b) inversely proportional to d
(c) inversely proportional to d
(d) none of the above
Answer: (c) inversely proportional to d

3512 __________ is the common method of applying brushes to the commntator.
(a) Radial
(b) Reaction
(c) Trailing
(d) All of the above
Answer: (d) All of the above

3513. An open coil has
(a) zero resistance and inductance
(b) zero resistance and high inductance
(c) infinite resistance and normal inductance

(d) infinite resistance and zero inductance
Answer: (d) infinite resistance and zero inductance

3514. The cylindrical windings using circular conductors are used for current rating of
(a) upto 20 A
(b) upto 40 A
(c) upto 80 A
(d) upto 100 A
Answer: (c) upto 80 A

3515. A ferrite core has less eddy current loss than an iron core because
(a) ferrites have high hysteresis
(b) ferrites are magnetic
(c) ferrites have low permeability
(d) ferrites have high resistance
Answer: (a) ferrites have high hysteresis

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