Multiple choice/ objective type questions for mechanical Engineering diploma/degree holders is published by
 1. In a blanking operation the clearance provided is
a) on punch
b) on die
c) 50% on punch & 50% on die
d) on die or punch depending upon the designer’s choice
e) None of the above

2. Which of the following process s/ operation is carried out primarily to obtain surface finish?
a) honing
b) piercing
c) Rolling
d) hobbling
e) None of the above

3.If the shear force at a section of a beam under bending is equal to zero then the bending moment at
the section is
a) maximum
b) Zero
c) minimum
d) minimum or maximum
e) None of the above

4. The mechanism used in a shaping machine is
 a) a closed 4-bar chain having 4 revolute pairs
 b) a closed 6-bar chain having 6 revolute pairs

 c) a closed 4-bar chain having 2 revolute and 2 sliding pairs
 d) an inversion of the single slider-crank chain
e) None of the above

5.The S-N curve for steel becomes asymptotic nearly at
a) 103 cycles
b) 123 cycles
c) 106 cycles
d) 112 cycles
e) None of the above

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