1. Teflon is used for bearings because of

(a) Easily available
(b) Better heat reducer
(c) Low co-efficient of friction
(d) Smaller space constraint

Answer: (c) Low co-efficient of friction

2. A closed cycle gas turbine works on

(a) Joule cycle
(b) Rankine cycle
(c) Carnot cycle
(d) Atkinson carnot cycle

Answer: (a) Joule cycle

3. Mohr’s circle can be used to determine following stress on inclined surface

(a) Heat Stresses
(b) Normal stresses
(c) Maximum shear stresses
(d) Principal stresses 

Answer: (d) Principal stresses 

4. In a cantilever beam, maximum deflection occurs at where

a. Bending moment is maximum
b. Bending moment is zero
c. Bending is low
d. Slope is zero

Answer: b. Bending moment is zero

5. A solid cylinder of diameter 100 mm and height 50 mm is forged between two frictionless flat dies
to a height of 25 mm. The percentage change in diameter is
(A) 41.4 
(B) 2.07 
(C) 20.7
(D) 00


6. The rate at which heat is extracted, in kJ/s from the refrigerated space is
A) 34.4
B) 42.9
C) 28.3 
D) 14.6 


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