* A 1.5mm displacement of tool point in boring operation will result in a change in the diameter equal to?
A) 1.65 mm
B) 2.5 mm
C) 4 mm
D) 3 mm

Answer: D) 3 mm

* The temperature to which a work piece is heated depends on the material and the type of forging process, the temperature range for forging low carbon steel is?
A) 700 - 900 Degree Celsius
B) 800 - 1300 Degree Celsius
C) 450 - 820 Degree Celsius
D) 450 - 600 Degree Celsius

Answer: B) 800 - 1300 Degree Celsius

* Which taper is used on spindle nose of the lathe head stock?

A) Morse taper
B) Brown and sharp taper
C) Thermo Taper
D) Yellow Taper

Answer: A) Morse taper

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