* The material with lowest resistivity is
A) constantan.
B) silver.
C) manganin.
D) nichrome.

Answer*: B) silver.

* Phenol and Formaldehyde are polymerised to a resultant product known as
(A) PVC.
(B). teflon.
(C) polyester.
(D) bakelite

Answer*: (D) bakelite

* Dielectric materials are
(A) Insulating materials.
(B) Semiconducting materials.
(C) Magnetic materials.
(D) Ferroelectric materials.
Answer*: (A) Insulating materials.

*The property due to which the resistance of some metal or compound vanishes under certainconditions is
(A) Semi conductivity.
(B) Super conductivity.
(C) Curie point.
(D) Magnetostriction.

Answer*: (B) Super conductivity.

* Thermocouples are used for the measurement of
(A) temperature.
(B) pressure.
(C) Couples
(D) density.

Answer*: (A) temperature.

* Bronze is an alloy of
(A) silver.
(B) aluminium.
(C) copper.
(D) Gold
Answer*: (C) copper.

* The critical temperature above which the ferromagnetic materials loose their magnetic property is known as
(A) hysterisis.
(B) Ferro Temperature
(C) transition temperature.
(D) Curie point.

Answer*: (D) Curie point.

* Ceramics are good

(A) semiconductors.
(B) conductors.
(C) Non Conductors
(D) insulators.
Answer*: (D) insulators. 

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