1. The resistance of a 2 km length of cable of cross-sectional area 2mm2 and resistivity of 2×10-8Ω m is:
(a) 0.02Ω
(b) 2.000Ω
(c) 0.02mΩ
(d) 20Ω

Answer: (d) 20Ω

2.The thrust developed by a linear induction motor depends on
(a) Synchronous speed
(b) Rotor input
(c) Number of poles
(d) Both A and B

Answer: (d) Both A and B

3. What is the “power factor”?
a) Cos of the phase angle between true power and apparent power
b) Peak power times 0.707
c) Sin of the phase difference between E and I
d) Ratio of true power to apparent power

Answer: d) Ratio of true power to apparent power

4.  In Bipolar Junction transistors, the type of configuration which will give both voltage gain and current gain is
a) CC
b) CB
c) CE
d) None

Answer: c) CE

5. A network designed to pass signals with all frequencies except those between two specified cut-off frequencies is called a
(a) low-pass filter

(b) band-stop filter
(c) band-pass filter
(d) high-pass filter

Answer: (b) band-stop filter

6. The effect of increasing the length of the air gap in an induction motor will increase
(a) Magnetising current
(b) Speed Factor
(c) Power factor
(d) Air-gap flux

Answer: (a) Magnetising current

7. 2. An SCR is a device having
a) Four layers with three junctions
b) Three layers with two junctions
c) Six Layers with Six Junctions
d) Two layers with three junctions

Answer: a) Four layers with three junctions

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