1. The crankcase scavenging the the crankcase or underside of the piston acts as
a. A breather
b. A blower
c. A ventilator
d. An air compressor

Answer: d. An air compressor

2. For petrol engines the nominal compression ratio will vary between
a. 1 to 2:123
b. 7.5 to 8.5:1
c. 1 to 5:1
d. 18 to 21:12

Answer: b. 7.5 to 8.5:1

3. . Engine torque is highest at
a. Low speed
b. High speed
c. Intermediate speed
d. Running

Answer: c. Intermediate speed

4. The type of friction generally present in an automotive engine is
a. Greasy friction
b. Viscous friction
c. Dry friction
d. Heat

Answer: b. Viscous friction

5. The compression pressure in diesel engine is around
a. 41 Kg/cm2
b. 15 Kg/cm2
c. 22 Kg/cm2
d. 30 Kg/cm2

Answer: d. 30 Kg/cm2

6.  The duration of the fuel injection at full load in a diesel engine running at 1800 rpm when it has 200 of
crank travel is
a. 1/540 sec
b. 2/640 sec
c. 1/600 sec
d. 1/575 sec
Answer: a. 1/540 sec

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