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Question # 1. If the mechanical properties of a composite improves as a result of increasing the average fibre length, then it is called
(1) Long fibre
(2) Short fibre
(3) Medium length fibre
(4) Elastic fibre
Question # 2. A refrigerator working on a reversed Carnot cycle removes 2 kW per minute of
heat from a system working between the temperatures of 300 K and 200 K. The
COP and power consumed by the cycle will be
(1) 1, 1 kW
(2) 1, 2 kW
(3) 2, 1 kW
(4) 2, 2 kW

Question # 3. 18-4-1 HSS steel contains
(1) 18% tin, 4% nickel, 1% chromium
(2) 18% tungsten, 4% nickel, 2% chromium
(3) 18% tungsten, 4% chromium, 1% vanadium
(4) 18% nickel, 4% chromium, 1% manganese

Question # 4. The dryness fraction of sample steam in separating calorimeter is 0·9 and in throttling calorimeter is 0·8. The dryness fraction of the sample is
(1) 0·9
(2) 0·8
(3) 0·66
(4) 0·72

Mechanical Engineering Solved Question Paper-100 Questions- Click here

Question # 5. Universal milling machine
(1) has a circular swivelling base with degree graduations and table can be swivelled to any angle up to 50 on one side of position.
(2) has four table movements.
(3) produces work with faster rate but lesser accuracy.
(4) is the simplest of all types and used for machining slot and keyways in heavy workpieces.

Question # 6. Consider the following statements :
CNC part program consists of
A. Set of instructions written in different blocks in the order of execution of different operations.
B. String of blocks where each block contains set of letters and numerical values.
C. Generally a word addressed system in which alpha character is known as address preceding each
numerical data.
D. Set of encoded information giving co-ordinate values and other details to indicate tool motion in relation to a workpiece.
Which of the above statements is/are correct ?
Select the code for the correct answer from the options given below :
(1) B and D only
(2) A and C only
(3) B only
(4) A, B, C and D

Question # 7. Gravity die casting is
(1) A metal casting process where metal is forced under pressure against gravity.
(2) A permanent mould casting where metal enters the mould under gravity.
(3) A semi-permanent mould casting where metal gravity cores are used.
(4) Used for producing complicated shapes with low cast die.

Question # 8. The maximum clearance in the clearance fit is
(1) the difference between minimum hole and maximum shaft
(2) the difference between minimum hole and minimum shaft
(3) the difference between maximum hole and minimum shaft
(4) the difference between maximum hole and maximum shaft

Question # 9. A vernier caliper has 25 divisions on its vernier scale and is able to measure a least value of 0·5 mm on its main scale. Its least count is equal to
(1) 0·125 mm
(2) 0·02 mm
(3) 0·25 mm
(4) 0·002 mm

Question # 10. Tearing efficiency of a riveted joint is the ratio of
(1) Tearing strength of solid plate/ tearing strength of punched plate
(2) Tearing strength of punched plate/tearing strength of the solid plate
(3) Tearing strength of a rivet/tearing strength of solid plate
(4) None of the above


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