Question 1:-The standard BOD of water is taken for
 A:-5 days at 20°C
 B:-3 days at 20°C
 C:-5 days at 27°C
 D:-2 days at 27°C
 Correct Answer:-  A:-5 days at 20°C

Question 2:-An imaging line joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of the earth is called
 A:-Contour gradient
 B:-Level line
 C:-Contour surface
 D:-Contour line
 Correct Answer:-  D:-Contour line

Question 3:-The main advantage of crystal oscillator is
 A:-High efficiency
 B:-High output voltage
 C:-High frequency stability

 D:-High gain
 Correct Answer:-  C:-High frequency stability

Question 4:-When the collector voltage in a NPN transistor increases, the effective base width decreases. This phenomenon is called
 A:-Schottky Effect
 B:-Punch Through Effect
 C:-Eber's Moll Effect
 D:-Early Effect
 Correct Answer:-  D:-Early Effect

Question 5:-Diode in reverse bias is equivalent to
 A:-Capacitor of low time constant
 B:-Resistor of low resistance
 C:-Capacitor of high time constant
 D:-Resistor of high resistance
 Correct Answer:-  D:-Resistor of high resistance

Question 6:-Which of the following instrument is equally accurate in DC as well as AC circuits ?
 A:-Induction type watt meter
 B:-Dynamometer type watt meter
 C:-PMMC voltmeter
 D:-Moving iron ammeter
 Correct Answer:-  B:-Dynamometer type watt meter

Question 7:-Creeping in a single phase induction type energy meter may be due to
 A:-Overcompensation for friction
 D:-All of the above
 Correct Answer:-  D:-All of the above

Question 8:-PMMC instrument can be used for
 A:-AC only
 B:-Both AC and DC
 C:-DC only
 D:-None of the above
 Correct Answer:- C:-DC only

Question 9:-Rhododendron is the national flower of
 B:- Pakistan
 Correct Answer:- C:-Nepal

Question 10:-The scale of PMMC instrument is uniform because
 A:-Of eddy current damping
 B:-External magnetic fields have no effect
 C:-It is spring controlled
 D:-It has no hysteresis loss
 Correct Answer:-  C:-It is spring controlled

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