Question #1. In D.C. machines, ir order to prevent excessive distortion of field form by the armature
reaction, the field mmf must be made
(a) equal to that of armature mmf
(b) less in comparison with the arma¬ture mmf
(c) large in comparison with the arma-ture mmf
(d) none of the above
Answer: (c) large in comparison with the arma-ture mmf

Question #2. For measurements on high voltage capacitors, the suitable bridge is
(a) Wein bridge
(b) Modified De Santy's bridge
(c) Schering bridge
(d) Any of the above
(e) None of the above
Answer: (c) Schering bridge
Question #3. A signal other than the reference input that tends to affect the value of controlled
variable is known as
(a) disturbance
(b) command
(c) control element
(d) reference input
Answer: (a) disturbance

Question #4. By which of the following methods the temperature rise of windings and other parts
may be determined ?
(a) Thermometer method
(6) Resistance method

(c) Embedded temperature detector method
(d) Any of the above
Answer: (d) Any of the above

Question #5. For measurement of mutual inductance we can use
(a) Heaviside bridge
(b) Maxwell's bridge
(c) Anderson bridge
(d) Any of the above
Answer: (a) Heaviside bridge

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