1. What is the mejority charge carrer of p-type semiconductor ?

2. which of the following electrical conductor used in a Battery ?
1 Gas
2 water
3 silver
4 Aluminium.

3. what is the lightning arrester maximum voltage is→_____
a . below 10KV
b. 10KV
c. 100 kv
d. above 100MV

4. The magniture of XL increases by increasing
1. Voltage
2. Current

3. Frequency
4. E.m.f.

5. The Boolean expression (A+B)AB is
equivalent to a two-input
a. NAND gate
b. NOR gate
c. X-OR gate
d. X-NOR gate

6. thevenin equivalent circuit constant of..?
1- series. combination of rth . ETH . and RL
2-Eth and rth in series
3-Eth and rth in parallel
4-Parallel combination of Rth' Eth and RL

7. For underground cables the depth of trenches is usually
a) 10 to 15 cm
b) 20 to 30 cm
c) 60 to 70 cm
d) 120 to 140 cm

8. Capacitor start, capacitor run single phase induction motor is
A. AC series motor
B. DC series motor
C. 2 phase induction motor
D. 3 phase induction motor

9. DIGITAL MOTOR for example......
A. synchronous motor
b. stepping motor,
c. shunt motor
d. generators

10. Transformers employ a breather
1. To supply dry air
2. For overflow of the oil
3. For its cooling
4. Hone of these.

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